Welcome to Anglesey Bollard Ltd

ANGLESEY BOLLARD LTD has been set up to bring 20 years of manufacturing and sales experience within the “Street Furniture” industry to the benefit of the many companies, nationwide who depend on speedy answers to pricing, information and delivery of the end product.

Set up by Tony Taylor and operating from his office in Anglesey, we set out to bring you a variety of products that are continually in demand by contractors, architects, consultants and builders within the public realm and private sectors of our industry.

We represent many of the best manufacturing companies within this sector. Covering materials from steel, timber, polyurethane, stainless steel, concrete and recycled plastic. 90% of our products are manufactured within the UK.

We will never claim to be the biggest company but we will make every effort to be the best in what we set out to do. We will get prices and details back to you without delay because we know how frustrating the need for continuous phone calls requesting information can be. Big is not always beautiful! We know that time is money, so we will attempt to service your requirements as quickly and efficiently as is possible. That is our promise.




Our products include all types of what has become to be know as “Street Furniture”. This now covers a wider area of usage into Coastal and Park products.

All types of materials are used from timber, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, through to the newer materials now on the market, such as polyurethane and recycled plastic.

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As a Company we will endeavor to search out and represent the best products for doing the many projects ongoing nationwide. Wherever possible we will try to source products made in Great Britain.

We will promise to answer your questions regarding price, availability and reliability to the best of our knowledge, using the twenty plus years experience we have gained within this sector.

Rest assured, if we do not know an answer, we will either find out for you or tell you that “we do not know”. We will not fob you off with flannel!

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Amongst our fast growing clientele we are pleased to include local authorities, parish councils, contractors (large and small), house builders, facilities management companies and term contractors for local authorities.

Big or small, we look forward to being able to look after your requirements and offer the type of service that you expect and deserve.

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